A new edition complementing the collection—Jaquet Droz Bird Repeater

The Jaquet Droz Bird Repeater signifies horology at its finest. It combines fine the watch-making industry having a minute repeater, métiers d’art (artwork) having a fully hand-engraved and hand-colored dial and automats by having an animation of the wild birds.


Let’s first discuss what’s unusual for us here: automats and artwork. The dial consists of solid gold, along with the four wild birds, the egg and also the nest which is fully engraved by hand after which thoroughly colored. The primary sub-dial that shows the hours and minutes consists of an all natural stone, a black onyx. About this 2015 edition, the bottom plate of the dial consists of mother-of-pearl and represents a view of the town of Geneva, its lake, its lighthouse and it is fountain.


Upon the pearly base, engravers, artists and enamelers reproduce the vista. The wild birds about this edition will also be different, as we’re now before goldfinches. They’re supported by their two youthful, and also the group is collected around an egg in the centre of the nest an egg that’s going to hatch and also to reveal an infant bird.


Here comes the second thing about this watch: the automat. Once we stated within the intro, watches and automats are very close in the manner they work. An automat is led by mechanical gears and levers. It’s a kind of program made from cams and holes that, when triggered, produce the movement.

Within the Jaquet Droz Bird Repeater, the mechanics can activate the movement of the left bird, of the small wild birds and of the mind of the right bird, the outlet of the egg, the increasing of the baby bird in the egg and also the deployment of the wings around the right primary bird. To be able to really appreciate this, we invite you to definitely have a look in the video. This superb poetic function is triggered along with the minute repeater, by actuating the bolt around the left side of the case.


Not just the Jaquet Droz Bird Repeater Geneva edition is animated but it’s additionally a singing watch. The movement hides one of the most complicated mechanism in the watch-making industry: a minute repeater – along with a nice one because the gongs are very lengthy, what we should call here Cathedral gongs. The movement is superb, having a enjoyable layout of the bridges and incredibly nice finishes polished beveled angles by hand, concentric Geneva stripes, circular graining. It arrives with just one barrel and therefore provides energy for 48 hours only which thinking about the existence of an automat along with a minute repeater isn’t that bad.


It is available in a 47mm case made from 18k red gold that measure 18.7mm thick not really a slim watch but you need to think about the automat that’s something hard to made flat. The Jaquet Droz Bird Repeater Geneva is going to be produced in only 8 pieces (like all run of the JD Bird Repeater). The cost is reflecting the amount of complication and exclusivity of the watch: 416.600 Euros.

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