Mothers’ Day – A watch for Mothers’ Day

The exact date of Mothers’ Day changes from place to place. In most countries, including Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand, Brazil, Australia and the United States, Mothers’ Day takes place on the second Sunday in May. In France, the event is celebrated on the last Sunday in May. In the UK, Mothers’ Day originated from Mothering Sunday, a religious festival when people would return to their “mother church”, the church where they had been baptised. It is the fourth Sunday of Lent, which this year fell in mid-March.
With Baselworld 2016 just around the corner, we see the release of the Alpina Watches Dealers “Total Black” Alpiner 4 Manufacture Flyback Chronograph. For those not in the know about the Alpina Alpiner 4 Manufacture Flyback Chronograph, it debuted the in-house AL-760 calibre, and this all-black variant is the refreshed and sportier sibling of the first 2015 model. While its predecessor donned a classic polished and brushed steel match, this brand new variant presents a more virile apparel courtesy of this black PVD coating which covers the 44mm-diameter case. In addition, the PVD coating is excellent protection against daily wear and tear and gives the chrono a sportier and more contemporary edge.The chronograph is the one of the very well-known complications from the eye arena, as well as the proliferation of cheap quartz chronos on the current market, the purpose is frequently taken for granted. That is hardly the situation, as manufacturing and developing a chronograph complication is, well, pretty complicated. For a company of its size to develop a flyback chronograph movement from scratch and do battle in such a fiercely competitive part of the marketplace was in itself remarkable. A fresh new look for your watch is definitely a welcome addition to the series and also for buyers that would rather have a trendy PVD look.The refreshed, dim expression of the Alpina “Full Black” Alpiner 4 Manufacture Flyback Chronograph provides a wonderful variation on the line and, really, we hope to see much more come out. Price for your PVD coated watch is really around the same as the original version at $4,750.

While the origins of Mothers’ Day probably go back to prehistory, the tradition as we know it today was imported from the United States. It was Anna Marie Jarvis who first campaigned for a special day, to honour the memory of her own mother, who died in 1905. Her efforts succeeded in 1914, when Congress officially decreed that the second Sunday in May would be known as Mothers’ Day. The UK adopted the tradition in the same year, and other countries followed suit in later years.

No doubt we all remember the presents we proudly presented to our own mothers each Mothers’ Day: the pasta necklaces, the salt dough sculptures, not forgetting all those poems. Today, WorldTempus will spare you the DIY, instead offering a selection of watches you could buy to mark this special date for a special person. There’s something for every taste and every budget, from quartz to mechanical, from steel to gold, diamonds optional.

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