Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target Watch Review

Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target Watch Review

January 23, 2016

If you start looking for ones that carry a bit more polish (or refinement – however you want to label it) the field slims down some. Add in the requirement of a bold visual punch, and you again cut the field down. While it certainly is not the only option, the Graham Chronofighter Oversize Target […]

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Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT Black Steel Watch

July 4, 2015

Let me share with you a few of the words that Graham uses to describe its newer Chronofighter Oversize GMT Black Steel watch collection. The name itself is long enough as it is. Let’s see here, according to our friends at the British Masters this watch is “chic, gutsy, dogged, classy, undaunted, a milestone, magnetic, […]

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White Gold Case with Black Dial—Graham Geo.Graham the Moon Watch

January 17, 2015

Graham just introduced a brand new form of its Moon Watch that has an extra-large moon phase indicator and flying tourbillon. It now is available in a 18k white gold case, having a black sapphire bezel along with a black dial decorated with diamonds – all introduced together in order to result in the beautiful […]

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Diver’s watch for professional—Graham Chronofighter Oversize Prodive

January 9, 2015

Darkness, strange creatures, high pressure, abyss, sea caverns, words that describe the mysterious, deep underwater world and sound mythical and full of thrill. Graham wished to make these words become reality and make up a true luxury diver’s watch for professional outdoorsmen and watch addicts. The Chronofighter Oversize Prodive is perfect for the first time […]

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Graham Tourbillon Orrery Watch for 2013

November 3, 2014

One of the few British watch-making powerhouses in the world, made by Swiss, as the brand’s official website acknowledges its pedigree, Graham-London traces its roots to the 18th century, when it was created by George Graham, an outstanding member of the Royal Society, a visionary spirit of his time, known among the watch-collectors as the […]

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Introducing The Newest Graham Geo.Graham The Moon Watch

October 18, 2014

Graham watches are very well noted for their high style and durable construction. Individuals searching for a far more exclusive watch may pick one of Graham’s Geo.Graham collection pieces, that are only manufactured for any very short time rather than re-produced. All their Limited Edition watches are produced using the finest improvements in design, creating […]

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