Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport Watch Hands-On

Before talking about the particulars of the pretty awesome new Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport watch, you should explain what that little “Signature” label means – because through the years, it’s transformed meaning. To begin, you should point out that Citizen, like other major Japanese watch brands, produces both very economical watches, in addition to individuals that are a little more high-finish. Typically, many of these watches share exactly the same “Citizen” brand around the dial.


Citizen, like its competitor Seiko, has battled in marketplaces outdoors of Japan if this involves offering greater-finish items which are more expensive compared to couple of $ 100 many people are comfortable investing on the Japanese watch. For this reason brands like Toyota label their greater-finish items “Lexus” outdoors of Japan. With nevertheless, fanatics like us (and a number of our audience people) known that despite confusing branding, Citizen and Seiko have amazingly high-value, greater-finish watches. Seiko’s Grand Seiko is really a solid enthusiast favorite, and Citizen features its own assortment of items within the $1,000 plus range that are totally worth your hard earned money.

Citizen-Signature-Grand-Touring  1

In the past, Citizen launched the Campanola collection as selection of thoroughly made high-finish quartz movement watches. The very first of those watches were dual-top quality using the Citizen and Campanola names, and then they basically had the Campanola names in it. I really come with an early Campanola watch and like it. I don’t know whether Citizen continues to be creating them, and when so, they’re in small amounts. Campanola watches were listed at $3,000 or more. Between Campanola and normal Citizen Watches, the company produced the Citizen Signature collection, (similar to this Signature Perpetual Calendar model).


Citizen Signature watches started as greater-finish quartz movement watches that incorporated better materials, more interesting actions, as well as an overall upgraded Japanese quartz movement watch experience. While frequently excellent, I do not think the very first era of Citizen Signature went based on plan, because again, it had been only fanatics who understood them, and fanatics tended to prefer mechanical watches. With this understood, it appears like Citizen re-thought the Citizen Signature collection and a few years ago emerged having a mechanical model that contained an in-house made automatic movement. Obviously, Citizen continues to be creating mechanical actions for a long time under their other company, the movement maker Miyota.

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