5 Things You Need To Know About the Rolex Air-King Watch

Almost all its modifications come with a bold-coloured dial with pristine hands, making each piece flawless in terms of design. Similarly, its bezels’ colour variations ranged from white, black, and blue displays.
  1. The sooner vintage Air-King series is well known for being the oldest infrequent Rolex using a renowned history, making highly prized collector’s pieces. 1 such model is the Air-King Date.
  2. Rolex temporarily stopped its creation to make way. However, in 2016, Rolex re-launched the Air-King that featured entirely counterparts with striking upgrades.
  3. Two things make the Air-King 116900 therefore special watch. This watch became the eye-catcher. The striking color combination of this hands and the Rolex logo, engraved in dramatic yellow and green, put on the black dial stand out and all match each other! Second, this perfect version by Rolex comes with an inexpensive watch price tag.
  4. The Air-King 14000 model came with many different straps options, as well as the Oyster bracelet, together with the embedded sapphire crystal, made it the ideal Rolex design for both men and women.
  5. Although Air-King is well known for being crafted with stainless steel, two rare and classic models (mention nos. 5502 and 5506) introduced in 1958 featured gold-plated 40 Microns.
The Rolex Air-King is a meticulously curated timepiece strengthens the aviation inspiration at its best and crafted with high quality workmanship.