A man should have a decent watch, what makes it decent?

A man should have a decent watch, what makes it decent? Should a man wear a mens watch? I believe this is a question often asked by many people. If it is you, how would you answer it? If it is me, I will not hesitate to say yes! In addition to watching time, watches are for many people. Speaking of it, it has already contained more rich content, especially as an important accessory function, it has become more prominent, so some people will say, “Women love jewelry, men love watches”.
When a man goes out, there is always a decent watch blessing, but what kind of watch is decent? Is it necessary to drive a sports car and wear a Hao watch to be decent? Today Aro will introduce you to a few pieces at different prices. Fan’s watch must be decent to wear.
I chose Rossini for a thousand yuan budget. Although the brand is not as well-known as Swiss Watch, it has a high cost performance. It is a very good choice for people who are not on a budget and just out of society. It is said that the suit is a man’s shirt, so the mechanical watch with extraordinary texture is the 40mm wide open dial of the Rossini 515701 automatic mechanical men’s watch on the wrist. The metal brushing process has a fine and shiny surface texture. The simple three-needle and ridged surface nails create a multi-level visual, practical and aesthetic design. The solid steel belt is equipped with a quality butterfly buckle, and the details are extra points.