Chaumet – Box set by Assouline, « Mémoire »

Chaumet - Coffret Assouline, collection « Mémoire »

Vendôme, birthplace of a legend by Alexis Gregory tells of the Maison’s first establishment on the famous square in 1812, marking the beginning of more than two centuries of Chaumet’s unique style; a combination of elegance and grace.

The Nature of Chaumet by Fabienne Reybaud reveals the theme of naturalism, a cornerstone of the brand’s creative history, with illustrations of jewellery masterpieces inspired by a vibrant Nature.

The Art of the Tiara by Vivienne Becker. The tiara is at the heart of Chaumet’s royal story and an enduring inspiration for its artistry. Since the first tiaras created for Empress Joséphine, the Maison has continually reinvented the ancient adornment for each new age.

Chaumet - Coffret Assouline, collection « Mémoire »

Editions Assouline, « Mémoire »

French and English Editions

Release date: July 2016

“I have to show you this Breguet,” he states shortly after I walk into this shop. He has already dropped a huge hint, but only because he knows I’ve a bit of a weakness for Breguet and with just one word, he’s got my entire attention. And like this, he is off to the rear of the shop before we’ve properly said hello to a single another.Must be a Type XX, I tell myself. He has an army of beautiful examples. Or possibly a gold calendar wristwatch from the middle of the century. Those are my personal favorite. No. What he brings back is a really strange tonneau-shaped stainless steel Breguet with an extremely simple black dial, baton hands and baton indexes. It yells 1970s. It doesn’t scream “Breguet.” “It’s from the 1970s,” says Antoine, as if to reassure me, “and it’s really rare.” It could easily bear a different manufacturer’s signature, and in reality, it reminds me of a Zenith Respirator, but the fact is that this is a Breguet.But then Antoine does something even more surprising and calls within a young guy who looks rather familiar to come join us. His title can also be Antoine, he’s only started his summer internship here and onto his left wrist would be the specific same Breguet. What are the odds of that! If there’s 1 decade that is easy to identify when it comes to watch design, it is the 1970s. The Swiss watchmaking industry was under threat, Japanese Quartz was pushing mechanical motions on their way out, and produces needed to lower their production costs to supply anything remotely aggressive. For many watchmakers, these are maybe not when they made their best work (although there is a really real enthusiasm for all these funky designs, to borrow a term frequently employed by one of my colleagues, that happens to be among those very enthusiastic collectors).