Chaumet – High Jewellery pieces showcase

For Breguet, this period of uncertainty has been complicated by a change in possession in 1970, once the manufacture was obtained by Jacques and Pierre Chaumet. For a while, Breguet’s reputation was tied to the of the Parisian jeweler. Watches were created in small series and sold via Chaumet‘s distribution system. The solution was not very sophisticated, but it kept Breguet moving, and in 1975, the business was handed to Francois Bodet, the young director of this Chaumet Perfume boutique on Place Vendome. That same season is if this watch sold for the very first time. Forty-two years afterwards, and with Breguet at a really different place (thanks to Bodet), the watch goes back on the market today, and it feels almost ordinary in contrast to everything else Breguet made before or after it. But that is just what makes it interesting.The only way to genuinely enjoy this watch is within the context of the 1970s, and other similar models, like the Respirator, the superior quality and finishing touches such as the chamfered edges of this case become evident, but where it actually outshines others is on the wrist. The dimensions are just spot on.Inside the watch is an ETA 2632, maybe not a specially refined movement, and certainly not what you expect to see beneath the lid of a Breguet wristwatch, but a selection made with due regard to market and because of this version’s limited production.Antoine — the merchant — has got the lookout for a little while now. He is not bothered by it. He understands this one is going to stay with him until someone looks for it challenging enough. The odds of it selling to a person with very little understanding of this brand are extremely slim.

Discover the unique scenography for each theme of the “Chaumet est une fête” high jewellery collection: the twisted nature of Pastorale anglaise, the bright pureness of Valses d’hiver, the sweet originality of Rhapsodie transatlantique and the red passion of Aria passionata.