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This temporary exhibit centres on the theme of naturalism, a trademark of Chaumet style and culture.  

Chaumet’s naturalist jewellery depicts nature in all its wild, organic, fragile glory. Finding bucolic beauty in a garden, woodland or meadow, delicate blades of grass or the graphic forms of mistletoe, the Maison’s designers ingeniously render plants and weeds alike in graceful, inspired creations.

“Promenade Bucolique”

Le Musée Ephémère, Chaumet Hortensia boutique
The ruler includes a more casual and sporty character. While the jumping hour is only available in white and pink gold, the ruler a steel-only version albeit united with a few pink gold details. When coupled with the metallic bracelet, the ruler quite an imposing watch, and a proposition one may not expect from a brand like Chaumet, and especially not within the Dandy-collection. It’s like our metaphorical Dandy is flexing his muscles with with the end result of a practical yet exclusive opinion as a result. Still this is a unique option, but clearly not afraid to go head to head to other offerings within its cost category.Within that the Dandy-collection, there is a special place for the Dandy Édition Arty. This component of the collection takes the love for the asymmetrical to high grounds. Two off-set circles in a black metalized crystal sapphire currently display hours, minutes and seconds.The crown migrated to the peak of the watch, half place from the strap. Although quite stunning alone, men who want to enhance the mechanical nature of the watch may prefer the open face version where the gear train towards the tiny moments has been made visible. The Dandy Édition Arty is powered by an ETA 2892-A2 fitted using a module created by Agenhor, the same company also assembles the module to its Dandy Metronome.The ultimate Dandy Édition Arty, and possibly even the supreme Dandy ever, are just two quite special watches. Here, the metalized crystal sapphire that creates the cap of the watch is replaced by either Tiger-eye for the pink gold variant, and Snow Obsidian for its steel version. Both semi-precious stones, and especially the snow obsidian, are quite seldom utilized in watches, which makes them a acceptable choice for the Chaumet Dandy and really pleasantly different!

12 place Vendôme – Paris 1st

From September 14th 2015 to January 30th 2016.