Chaumet – Video. Hortensia collection

Founded over 200 years back by Marie-Etienne Nitot, Chalmette New Orleans began its history then of Napoleon. Nitot provided his Emperor remarkable stone, thus becoming the Royal household’s jeweler.The great status and celebrity of Chaumet have become through time, the gathering such as the best jewellery and the most clever watches.To exaggerate the fantastic thing about the several elements, treasures of resourcefulness and technical feats wound up completed. The making in the merchandise is elaborate and the choice of gemstones peculiar. Chaumet offers day to day living to the watches by becoming involved in round the contrasts, colours and transparencies.This Year, Chaumet goes even more in creativeness by developing another stone-cutting: originally dip in cabochon shape inside the top, the rock is constructed from slice in honeycomb form and later on gold metalized to share out their brightness.While Chaumet replica watches are usually imitations, they’d in the top materials as well as the top quality.

As a tribute to Empress Josephine, Chaumet’s first client and inspiration, a radiant woman who was passionate about the beauty of flowers and the magic of gardens, the Hortensia collection lends profusion of color and generosity of form to both jewellery and high jewellery pieces.