Find Your Preferred Watch Shape–Round Vs Square

Since the premiere of the wristwatch in the 19th century, the industry has seen an enormous variety of styles, as well as a vast number of manufacturers and brands enter the market. Today, more so than ever, a brand name watch is not simply a functional piece of attire but so too is it a highly valued fashion accessory, which has earned the type of popularity that is often reserved for fast cars and fashion designers. Indeed, the three often go hand in hand. As such, it has been said that a Swiss Best Watch can tell you as much about the time as it can about its wearer. Which begs the question: What does your brand name watch say about you?


A continuous topic of conversation amongst watch fans is the preference for a square or round watch face.  Despite the fact that over the years many more shapes and styles have emerged, the battle between the circle and the square still remains.  But which is really the better face and what can it tell about its wearer?

Round Faces: Round-faced watches are, of course, the most common.  A round watch face is classic and is the traditional shape adopted by most watch manufacturers when designing a watch.  A circle, after all, is a symbol of time itself and appears in many figures of speech regarding time, such as “he works round the clock.”


The circular dial is so versatile it can work well with many different styles of watch, from sporty chronograph and diver watches, to luxurious diamond watches, to casual ceramic timepieces.

People with a preference for a round watch face tend to be classic in their tastes. It was, therefore, not surprising that in a recent Face book poll conducted by World of Watches, in which they asked their brand name watch shoppers which they preferred: round or square, the majority of consumers said “round” is their go-to choice for a watch face.


Square Faces:  While the square-faced watch is not new to the world of fashion, it’s still considered an unconventional shape for everyone’s favorite functional accessory to adopt, and can make for an eye-catching statement. The wearer of a square watch is therefore, oftentimes, also a little avant-garde in his or her style sense.

Despite popular belief there are almost no restrictions to wearing a square-faced watch.  Whether for a casual day out or an elegant evening affair, a square-faced watch is always a suitable addition, complimenting nearly any look.


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