Flieger Watch: Get to Know the German Version of a Pilot Watch

It is no secret that horology and aviation are intertwined for the longest time. This requirement for accurate timekeeping produced a whole genre of watches called the pilot watch. But did you know there’s a unique kind of pilot watch known as the Flieger watch? What is a Flieger Watch? When you look up a German dictionary, you’ll notice that Flieger means’pilot’. True , there is a Flieger watch Germany’s own version of a pilot opinion. People were the timepieces issued into the Luftwaffe. Everything started in the’40s when German airmen needed a reliable timing tool. They had something true in case ever the cockpit clock fails, to use as a backup for navigation.
Among the watch manufacturers, five were commissioned to make the famous Flieger watch. All of these except IWC are brands. But, it is important to note that IWC is located in Schaffhausen, a German-speaking part of Switzerland. The 2 Sorts of Flieger WatchPhoto from Reddit by u/UJL123 Sort A (Baumuster A) Also the more common one, and the initial one, is that the Type A. These watches are famous for their easy dial layout that was time-only. No date and no chronograph. The Type B watch is the more complex of the two. The chapter ring indicates the numerals 5 up to 55. This indicates the moments. A smaller circle can be seen inside the mark. This time, it reveals the hours. Not all pilot watches are created. However, Flieger watches have been created nearly precisely the same. Like the military men whose wrists that they adorn, these watches also comply with a rigorous’dress code’. The Reichluftfahrtsministerium (RLM) and also the”Imperial Air Ministry” created a list of tips in making the watches. Here are the requirements to be considered a Flieger watch.
  1. The situation dial has to be 55mm. German fighter pilots were busy manoeuvring their aircraft. And also to fly safely, it’s important to always keep their eyes on the road. That RLM required the watches to have a case diameter of 55mm to be exact.
The case makes it possible for the airmen to browse the time obviously without having to remove their hands.
The crown is bigger than normal. The watch’s crown needed to be large and onion-shaped. This enables the wearer to adjust the time even when wearing gloves.
  1. There ought to be a triangle at 12. This is a Flieger watch’s most distinguishable characteristic. Its hour markers are indicated by Arabic numerals except for the 12 o’clock. It has a triangle with a dot on every side.
The cause of this was that the wearer could easily ascertain which side of the dial points. Today, the tradition has been continued by contemporary Flieger watches and kept the triangle, even though it’s not as important. Take a look at IWC’s pilot watch for instance.
  1. It has to be readable in the dark. There are instances when pilots find themselves in locations. It needed to be placed on the hour mark in addition to the hour, minute, and seconds hands.
  2. The strap ought to be more than usual. In modern times, we strive difficult to conceal our watches beneath our top’s cuffs. The reverse is true back then. The watch had to be observable at all times. Which meansit needed to sit on top of their flight jacket sleeve that is thick. The strap riveted and ought to be extra long, to make this possible.
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