Guide —— How to identify types of tourbillons watches

Today we get to tell you about tourbillon complication and answer all of the most common questions about tourbillons. A tourbillon is a mechanism found in some specific high-end watches. It’s both hypnotic and intriguing to watches and watch with tourbillons are usually somewhat expensive compared to watches without them. They are not the most frequent complication you’ll find on a watch, but surely among the most entertaining.
Occasionally an unsavvy watch dealer might mistake a wristwatch with a semi-skeletonized dial showing a visible balance wheel called an”Open Heart” for a tourbillon. Make sure you read further to understand how to rapidly recognize a real tourbillon watch once you visit one and avoid running into a disastrous nightmare. The objective of a tourbillon would be to address a problem that many mechanical watches come with respect to the way physics affects precision and accuracy. Gravity is a force that makes a drag watch’s movement when they’re in certain places.
One of the most challenging things watchmakers confront when controlling a watch is the effects that gravity plays at the grade or motion. A tourbillon functions as the best way to counter the drag effect that gravity plays on some of the smaller components within an eye’s escapement when held in certain positions. A tourbillon places certain pieces of the watches inner mechanics,(the balance wheel and escapement ) to a rotating cage. The tourbillon watch will then gradually rotate this cage holding the escapement, typically at a speed of 1 RPM, and this mechanism reinforces the adverse effects which gravity generates when the watch is in some positions and helps to iron out positional errors in precision.

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The video below shows how the escapement is mounted onto the tourbillon’s cage and depicts how it melts the escapement round the cage. BVLGARI released the world’s thinnest tourbillon from the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Tourbillon which uses the ultra-thin Bulgari in-house manufactured Caliber BVL 268 shown below. The 11-jewel movement is only 1.95mm thick and contains an approximate power reserve of 55 hours. Tourbillons have evolved quite a bit since they were invented. In reality, there are quite a few kinds of tourbillons. Some luxury watches makers are really creative in how they implement a tri-axial tourbillon. Below you will see a couple of video examples of some of the more advanced ones.
A multi-axis tourbillon is an innovation to the traditional tourbillon mechanism in which the escapement is mounted in a cage that is rotated on more than 1 axis. A triple-axis tourbillon (also known as a tri-axial tourbillon) is a tourbillon which moves on three distinct axes. A double-axis tourbillon just rotates on two axes.
A flying tourbillon is mounted differently compared to a conventional tourbillon. Most are mounted with a support system like a bridge or penis on both sides. What makes the flying tourbillon different is that is supported from just one side.
Yes but only if you can manage a good deal of watch. A tourbillon is a serious watch and will draw a lot of attention for your wrist. Many collectors would consider their tourbillon watches to be a number of their most prized possessions. So to answer the question: Only get one in the event that you think you can handle it. For the most part, tourbillons are highly connected with Swiss watches since they were devised by a Swiss watchmaker and are to the day mostly manufactured in Switzerland. There are other countries though that produce them but few that may make them anywhere near in addition to the way the Swiss watchmakers. You will find, however, a few exceptions. Probably the only nation that generated high-quality tourbillons watches is Saxon-German watchmakers from the watchmaking city south of Dresden known as Glashutte, Germany.
Many Swiss watchmakers create tourbillons, and they’re typically quite costly. But, there are a few which are more affordable than others. Recently, TAG Heuer released the Carrera 02T Tourbillon Chronograph that’s regarded as the most economical high quality, in house tourbillon in the respected Swiss watch manufacturer.