How is the watch antimagnetic in life?

What are the magnetic fields in life? So where is the magnetic field risk in our daily life? There are loudspeakers, sound systems, televisions and radios in the house, and you can find non-circulating magnetic fields. Therefore, we should avoid placing watches on these things.
But for those men’s mechanical watches, the greater threat that is hard to detect is in magnets like refrigerators and cabinet doors. Even a brief contact is enough to magnetize the gold watch. When you wear any of these timers in the kitchen, caution is a constant motto. Although a magnetized watch, as mentioned above, can be demagnetized, the whole process is very tedious.
Because to do this job, you must disassemble the watch and demagnetize each steel part. Speaking of watches is also very important, an exquisite mechanical sports watch, the appearance is relatively good. The appearance is an overall display of the quality of a watch. The exquisite appearance also requires careful planning, especially in the contemporary era. Watches often appear as an accessory. Everyone has higher requirements for its value. A watch with a high cost performance , Appearance also needs to pass.