How long can an automatic watch be used?

How many years can an automatic mechanical men watch be worn? In fact, it has a lot to do with the quality of the mechanical watch itself. You can’t expect a class of mechanical watch to be with you for life. If you pay attention to maintaining the mechanical watch, there should be no problem wearing it for more than ten years! Brand-level mechanical watches are priced at tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions. If they are well maintained, they can be used as heirlooms for generations.
Of course, how many years can an automatic mechanical watch be worn? It has a lot to do with your usual wearing habits, whether you do strenuous exercise for a long time, contact with magnetic fields, or pay attention to maintenance. In addition, if you really like to watch, you will change the appearance of the mens sports watch as your identity and value increase, and watch enthusiasts will generally wear N watches for wear, just like ladies have different jewelry. , A lipstick of a different color makes sense.
Finally, the editor wants to tell you: Whether the mechanical watch is used as a timing function or a decorative function, it is a good partner for men. It should be treated gently, and it will be a big health care (maintenance) for the brothers at intervals. Accompany you diligently and diligently like an old ox.