How to choose a good quality mechanical watch?

How to choose an excellent mechanical Sports Watches? Winding, good quality mechanical watches should be easy to handle when winding, without noise and slipping. When setting the needle, it should also feel comfortable when setting the mechanical watch, too loose and too tight. The hour hand, minute hand, and second hand should coordinate with each other without touching each other. When the hands point at 3, 6, 9, and 12 characters, the minute hand must not deviate from 12 characters ± 4 divisions. Table sound, after winding the mechanical watch with a foot, close the ear to the watch and listen to the movement of the movement.
The sound of the good quality mechanical watch should be clear and symmetrical. Travel time accuracy, professional watch counters will provide customers with watch travel time testing services. When purchasing a watch, you can ask the sales staff to check the watch travel time accuracy and error range. Although the pointer on the dial can be rotated counterclockwise to return to the starting point, the time cannot be reversed.
The yesterday that can’t go back has gradually become a good memory in my mind. Rather than saying that life is like a dream, it is better to say that we came to this world for a spiritual practice. Countless grinding and parting have taught us how to cherish and cherish everything around us, including the clocks that accompany us around for a long time. Every cousin should learn how to take good care of his watch. This not only allows it to travel more accurately, provides us with convenient time service, but more importantly, it also reflects a person’s good quality and noble quality.