Introducing: The Tudor Pelagos For All Dive Enthusiasts

Founded in 1946, Tudor is a sister brand of the company. This watch brand has been decided to design retro-chic and classic style watches. In addition, they are known for producing high-quality mechanics and finishing with dive watches like the Tudor Pelagos.

Among the main distinguishing features that sets this watch apart from its competitors is its titanium construction. It is one of the dive watches available on the market and has a price that is reasonable.

The Tudor Pelagos also includes 26 stones and includes an MT5612 automatic mechanical motion, making it highly valuable. Additionally, its own calibre frequency of 28,800 vph (4Hz) increases its functionality level to new heights.


In this guide, we take a look at the updates in the new Tudor Pelagos and compare it. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Is The Tudor Pelagos Worth Your Money?

The Tudor Pelagos has amazed and surprised dive enthusiasts using its newest range. Furthermore, it comes that we love, but with some minor tweaks.

However small the changes are in the Tudor Pelagos, they are notable in the watch design. The watch keeps the 42mm titanium case in models that are older, together with the crown positioned on the left. Nonetheless, this specific feature makes it an ideal alternative for lefties.

A bit of history and a part behind the left-positioned crown of the watch play. Throughout the 1970s, the Tudor Submariner was launched for French Naval divers in both correct and formats. However, the left-hand version gained more popularity.

The Tudor Pelagos has gained some comparisons with the Rolex Submariner and is a watch that is classic. This watch is distinct in its own way. Because its re-launch, its stature and identity have made it a classic in its own right.

There is. Here are a few of the watch’s most features.


In-House Calibre
Tudor has shifted from using movements that were ETA-sourced to some more optimized motion.

The automatic motion uses 26 stone. Additionally, it offers up to 70 hours of power backup. In addition, its state-of-the-art calibre goes past 28,800 vph (4Hz) and contains a COSC certificate.


Tudor has ever tried to adhere to the greatest possible standards, If it comes to construction. In building the case and bracelet, along with a satin finish as a result, they picked for titanium. Is a ceramic bezel and luminous mark which provide outstanding visibility in low-lighting ailments.

Helium Escape Valve
This watch Helium Escape Valve allows it to work well in extreme depths. Especially, helium releases to prevent harm from atmospheric pressure. Furthermore, this can withstand water up to 1,640 ft (500 m), making it the best companion for technical divers.

This watch’s titanium bracelet is accompanied by an adjustable buckle, which is a characteristic watches lack. This usually means that its clasp mechanism may contract and expand according to different pressure levels.

The watch’s buckle provides a comfortable fit for any form of diving expedition. Apart from that, its rubber strap involves an integrated extension system, which allows for easy adjustments whenever you use it over a wetsuit.