Longines Forerunner Zulu Timewatch Watches Review – “Into The Pioneer Time Zone”

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  • May 27, 2022
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Longines, a watchmaker with a rich history, launched the Forerunner Zulu Time Watch. This watch marks a new chapter of watchmaking. Longines has been a pioneer in watchmaking, and has always accompanied them on their explorations with precision timing equipment. The new model now features a multi-time zone display function, continuing the tradition of precise timing. The Pioneer series Zulu watch, which pays tribute to historical pioneers, interprets and traces Longines’ pioneering position in multi-time zone watches, also honors contemporary pioneers.

Longines Pioneer series introduced multi-time zone models as a way to express the brand’s pioneering spirit. The new Zulu watch, which is based on Longines’ 1925 first dual-time zone watch, is a result of a century worth of watchmaking experience. The dial’s prototype is decorated with Z, which stands for Zulu (Zulu) time. It is also a universal time expression for the military field. Longines’ leadership in aviation is also strengthened by the introduction of more GMT-world time or Longines Men’s Watch

Longines watches have been worn by many explorers across the globe in all time zones. They are driven and passionate about exploring the world, pushing the boundaries and sharing their love. Longines was there to support great pilots like Amy Johnson, Clyde Pangborn, and Hugh Herndon as they conquered the skies, set new records, and provided a reliable and safe guarantee for these pioneers.

Longines Pioneer Zulu Time Watch is a blend of tradition and innovation. It pays tribute to Longines’ long and rich watchmaking history. This timepiece is a great choice for modern pioneers. It features a self-winding mechanical movement with silicon hairspring and multi-time zone support. Advanced watchmaking technology allows the hour hand to be adjusted independently from the GMT function. You can read the time in other time zones by using the 24-hour scale indicator and the bidirectional rotating dial with 24-hour indication. The Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) has certified the travel time and power reserve. The symbol of Longines’ most distinguished movement is the five-star logo.

The Longines Forerunner Zulu Time watch is distinguished by its elegant design and meticulous craftsmanship. The watch has a coloured ceramic bezel. It is available in matte black, anthracite gray sandblasted, or blue sunray dials with a date window at 6 o’clock. To ensure clear reading, the hands and numerals have a Super-LumiNova luminescent coating. 42mm stainless steel case. Available with an interchangeable stainless steel bracelet, or brown, beige, and blue leather straps. To ensure a comfortable and snug fit, the folding clasp has a micro-adjustment system.

Longines Forerunner Zulu Time Watch is your companion on your journey. It will help you to master the time.

About the Longines movement

Longines is a watchmaker with a rich history that spans centuries. Longines continues to innovate and lead the technical watchmaking industry. Longines is committed to excellence and equips all its mechanical watches with the most advanced movements, including those with monocrystalline silicon hairsprings. This material is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and less sensitive to magnetic fields and temperature changes. The watch’s accuracy and service life are improved by the stable performance of this movement. All watches with this movement come with a 5-year warranty.

Longines Pioneer series’ pioneering spirit inspires extraordinary people to push themselves to the limit, to travel endlessly and to be a part of every inspirational story. These pioneering feats are just a few examples:

Amy Johnson 11,000 Miles On May 5, 1930 Amy Johnson, a famous British pilot, became the first woman solo to fly from England to Australia. For a total 11,000 miles, she took off from Croydon, near London, and landed in Darwin 19-days later.

Hugh Herndon Jr. and Clyde Pangborn 5,500 miles Clyde Pangborn, American pilot, and Hugh Herndon Jr., successfully completed the first trans-Pacific flight, nonstop, from Japan to America on October 5, 1931. They landed in Wenatchee (Washington) 41 hours after takeoff. This was the longest over-water flight at that time. Herndon informed Wittnauer, the then-Longines company Wittnauer, that “Clyde Pangborn” and “I both wore Longines watches while crossing the Pacific. The trans-Pacific flight was not without its challenges. “We encountered extremely cold weather in Alaska, and even frozen the water in the kettle. But the Longines maintained an accurate and steady travel time.” Herndon added: “As you all know, precise timing is crucial to flying.”

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