Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic PAM328 On Bracelet Watch Review

  • Goodrick
  • May 29, 2015
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For most people, the essential modern Panerai may be the Luminor 1950. This 44mm-wide situation is exactly what many people picture once they think about Panerai with is distinctive securing crown-guard system and chunky style. While Panerai has a (small) amount of variety one of the various dials it pairs using the Luminor 1950, each one has that legendary, minimalist, legible look the brand is really respected for ongoing in the end these years. What exactly makes this specific Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 three days Automatic PAM328 watch different is it comes this is not on a strap, but on the matching steel bracelet.

Among collectors and aficionados, Panerai is further popular because most of their watches look good on any number of straps. Not all timepieces can pull this off, as they look good on just one or a few color options. Having said that, I’ve long since been curious about wearing a Panerai on the few available metal bracelets they offer. Not only are the bracelets usually cool looking, but they add an entirely new character (very much a modern character) to these classic dive watch designs. So with that in mind, I started my time checking out the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic PAM328 watch that comes standard on one of Panerai‘s rare bracelets.


Round the wrist, the bracelet offers a bit more articulation than you could expect, due to the only link structure, however i am not suggesting to become as fluid feeling as other bracelets that have more, smaller sized links. The primary reason it becomes an problem is really because the the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 watch scenario is quite heavy, together with a safe and secure fit is needed with this to use easily. What you wouldn’t like happening is ideal for a wristwatch situation being sliding up minimizing your wrist because the placed on it. The right fit on any wrist for just about any watch is going to be snug inside the same position without choking your wrist. If you make this happen fit, it is similar to miracle, but if you don’t, it’ll make with an uncomfortable experience and you also not wearing a wristwatch as much as you wish.


How come I mention all of this regarding the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 three days Automatic PAM328? Well, body was very good, but less than adequate. I discovered the bracelet to become either a little too large or not big enough after i modified it. Panerai does include half-links which permit a far more precise fit. This can be a positive thing, however i craved one more degree of micro-modifying to obtain the perfect fit. I have worn bigger, heavier watches than this Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 three days Automatic PAM328 coupled with an excellent and comfy experience, but I have also worn more compact watches having a less satisfying experience.


In situations like this, I simply say to people that if they are interested in a watch like this they should try it on and see how the fit is before committing. With the bracelet, the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic PAM328 is a good looking watch that offers just enough distinctiveness to make it more than just another Panerai. Though, you should make sure it suits your wrist properly. Of course, there are the many (many) other Luminor Marina 1950 watch models that come on straps.


Obviously, Panerai more-or-less needs a lot of its clients to become frequent strap changers. Having the ability to combine the feel of your Panerai watch belongs to the knowledge, and many look great everything from a black strap to some yellow one – and all things in between. I’ve got a feeling that whenever it involves the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 three days Automatic PAM328, it’s less costly to purchase this form of the timepiece using the bracelet a different version that does not include the bracelet and also to later purchase the bracelet individually. If you like the feel of the bracelet but don’t wish to put on it constantly, it seems sensible to obtain a model such as the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 three days Automatic PAM328, along with couple of strap options quietly. StrapsOrband require simple screwdrivers to alter – so it’s really quite simple.


Over the dial is a thick (2.6mm thick) AR-coated sapphire crystal (that inevitably still gets some glare, given its high level of doming), and the case is water resistant to 300 meters, like any serious dive watch should be. Of course, you also have the trademarked crown guard system which is simple to use. You can wind the crown with the “lock” engaged, and when you unlock it you can then pull out the crown to adjust the time.


Inside the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic PAM328 is Panerai’s in-house made P.9000 automatic movement. It features 72 hours (3 days) of power reserve operating at a modern 4Hz (28,800 bph). I recommend these 4Hz movements over some of the slower frequency 3Hz movements since they tend to result in better accuracy over time. I like that even with 300 meters of water resistance, the PAM328 has a sapphire crystal display back with a view of the movement on the rear of the watch. You don’t always get that with a water resistance at this level.

Like the idea of a Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 watch on this bracelet but want a slightly fancier model? Panerai currently offers a few other timepieces in the same family with this bracelet style that might be more up your alley. The first place people go is to the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic Titanio PAM342. This is essentially the same watch with a slightly brown dial and titanium case – which means it is going to be lighter and more comfortable. Going back to steel, there is also the Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT Automatic PAM329 (with a GMT hand complication) as well as the Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT Power Reserve Automatic PAM347 (that has both a GMT hand and a power reserve indicator).

Panerai does not sell a lot of its watches on bracelets making watches such as the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 three days Automatic PAM328 decidedly niche among their bigger range of watches. In this way, which makes them extra awesome, but there’s grounds on their behalf being less frequent than Panerai watches on straps. Additionally to bracelet not a “historic” area of the Panerai brand, the bracelet alllow for a far more difficult “perfect fit,” meaning not everybody will like them. Though, for individuals people whose arms complement with the bracelets, they create for any attractive and different Panerai style.