Seiko Astron Solar GPS Watch For 2014

Not just the Citizen, another famous Japanese watch maker added a member to its Seiko Astron Chronograph line, the Seiko Astron Solar GPS Watch. It seems that these days the GPS watch is a hit among this Japanese company.

You will find two primary advantages to the Astron that individuals may ignore although not all GPS watches have: First, the opportunity to update the watch’s some time and location, and 2nd, the power for this to instantly update time.


The Seiko Astron Solar GPS watch is really a large watch at 47mm wide, which is thick too. The dimensions appears to become heading down, however this should never be a little watch given all of the technology inside. Around the strap especially, the timepiece is top heavy so putting on it snugly helps.

As the base Japanese quartz caliber 7X52 movement within the Astron is just as accurate since many other half way decent made quartz movements, this watch can update itself most abundant in accurate time available. That’s since it will get not radio signals, but satellite signals in the many GPS satellites turning round the earth-that are up-to-date by atomic clocks. So, the important thing here would be that the watch regularly updates itself to become not just accurate, but additionally accurate because of the location you’re in the planet.


Like a high-end quartz watch you’ve got a nicely made case, AR covered sapphire crystal, along with a ceramic bezel. It is not a significant Grand Seiko in quality, but it’s available online for with Seiko’s better stuff. All I would suggest is to allow them to eventually design a little more interesting pushers, to complement the visual interest from the face.

The Seiko Astron Solar GPS watch receives satellite signals similar to older “atomic clock watches” received radio signals-insofar that you simply more-or-less have to be outdoors, along with the Astron, also provide line-of-sight towards the sky. Which means if you’re inside or perhaps in a covered area you very might have reception issues. Actually, with atomic clock watches, I have experienced for a long time with reception issues, particularly in large metropolitan areas. So much in fact, that initially when i first discovered the Astron and other alike GPS watches, I had been highly skeptical of their capability to consistently interact with satellites. It had not been until I could review one which I discovered out…


I had been really very amazed using the Seiko Astron Solar GPS watch’s capability to connect and get a signal. The hand around the dial at approximately 10 o’clock began to maneuver to be able to let me know the number of satellite signals it had been receiving. The timepiece has the capacity to receive several satellite signal at any given time to ensure that it can find the best reading through, let you know where you stand, increase time.


Virtually the only real factor you have to by hand adjust around the watch is if you’re in daylight not waste time. You need to do just obtain the date around the dial, but it’s a continuous calendar. Altering DST is quite simple-however, you have to recall how to get it done. The indicator is with that same left indicator strip around the dial, also is employed for other functions and automatically is really a power reserve indicator for that battery. Another subdial is really a 12 hour reference time, also it can be set to the minute-that is good if you’re vulnerable to visiting odd timezones.


Presuming battery is mainly billed and you’re outdoors, the Astron watch will auto update time for you personally. Though I want to by hand request it to alter location. There’s a reference city ring put on the ceramic bezel which is often used for by hand modifying the reference city too-which will help when you are traveling. Overall, the dial is of interest and straightforward, having an awesome, high-tech feel. The depth you receive from this is impressive, and also the elevated hands and hour indications get this to an intensely legible watch design.


In lots of ways, the Seiko Astron Solar GPS watch is really a current best-of-breed, however the levels of competition are still strong and individuals thinking about satellite-controlled watches possess a couple of great options from your buddies in Japan. Cost with this Seiko Astron Solar GPS ref SAST025 watch is $1,850 and also the collection rises to around $2,500.

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