Speaking Watches with Matt Jacobson

You do not meet people like Matt Jacobson frequently – however when you do, you remember them. You remember Matt not because he’s a Plastic Valley celebrity just like a Kevin Rose or his longtime friend and friend Mark Zuckerberg, but due to the way in which he lives his existence with wholesomeness and fervour. Matt Jacobson was the eighth worker of Facebook, ever. He’s a serial entrepreneur, by having an impressive record to his title before Zuckerberg requested him in the future on which help lead Facebook as mind of Market Development, a title which includes all types of business development, such as the role of managing purchases like Instagram.

white gold

What Matt Jacobson achieves this well is he understands, with time, through hrs of research and focus, what it’s that meets him, and the lifestyle, and that he buys only individuals objects he values probably the most. Matt does not about possess all of the Paul Newmans, he really wants to own the reference that Paul Newman really used. Matt does not wish to own every vintage vehicle, he wants to pay attention to individuals from original proprietors that can handle taking his wife, children, and dog out and about effortlessly (you need to see his Mercedes 6.3 with 23k original miles). Matt may be the guy who had been shooting vintage Leicas decades ago, and it is stopped around the roads of Tokyo, japan to become requested about his gear.

Reference 3587 Beta 21

Matt is the kind of guy who does not need to reside in Plastic Valley using the relaxation of his world, or perhaps in Beverly Hillsides using the other males of means – he’d prefer to reside in a Ray Kappe-designed home around the water in Manhattan Beach – the kind of home you may, and really did, see in Dwell Magazine. Simply put, Matt Jacobson’s existence is not about excess – this is a skillfully calculated equation that meets him and him alone just perfectly. His watch collection follows suit. This really is Speaking Watches with Matt Jacobson.

Rolex watch “Paul Newman” Daytona Reference 6239

perpetual calendar

The 6239 is how the Daytona all began. The 6239 Paul Newman is how the thought of a collectible vintage Rolex watch began. It’s the watch, with this particular beautiful three-color whitened dial, that Paul Newman themselves really used. I believe we frequently forget that. Sure, the screw-lower men choose far more money, and lots of people like the black bezels from the 6241, but there’s something so perfect and pure concerning the 6239 Paul Newman. Matt bought his within the nineteen nineties prior to the craze grew to become the outright hysteria nowadays.

Rolex watch “Double Red-colored, Patent Pending” Ocean-Occupant With Tropical Dial


This really is another lengthy-time mega watch from Matt’s collection. Many realize that a dual-Red-colored Ocean-Occupant is definitely an early, collectible form of the very first Rolex watch having a helium escape valve. But are you aware that the earliest from the batch really possess a situation back that reads “(Patent Pending)”? Yup, this watch is made prior to the patent was granted to Rolex watch, and in addition, Matt’s includes a gorgeous brownish dial. You will not visit a patent-pending, tropical, Double-Red-colored Ocean-Occupant very frequently.

paul newman

Rolex watch “MilSub” Submariner Reference 5517

Matt includes a penchant for Swiss Best watches that provide an objective; there is not a much better illustration of this than his Rolex watch Military Submariner released towards the British Military within the seventies. His can be the desirable reference 5517, which originated from a load not far from John Mayer’s MilSub. The MilSub may be the ultimate casual mega watch, and it is often great to satisfy enthusiasts who begin to see the value within the great history symbolized inside a six-figure Submariner that’s technically exactly like every other no-date Sub.

Nautilus Reference 3700

Patek Philippe 2526 White Gold Or Platinum

When comes up important time-only watches, the Patek Philippe Calatrava has a tendency to dominate the conversation. As the 570 certainly draws in the majority of the attention, the significance and collectability of the great 2526 cannot be undervalued. In the end, the 2526 was Patek Philippe’s FIRST self-winding watch, period. In addition, it featured a sensational baked enamel dial along with a gorgeous galet-style situation which was a little much softer than most of the other Calatravas. The 2526 is an extremely important watch even though the huge majority seem to be cashed in gold, you from time to time discover their whereabouts in rose gold. Matt Jacobson’s 2526 is white gold or platinum. The possibilities you visiting a whitened-metal 2526 anywhere outdoors from the Patek Philippe Museum? Not great.


Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 3448

Considering Matt and the daily schedule, including cycling, surfing, taking photos, focusing on old cars – ok last one – and as being a senior executive at probably the most effective companies on the planet, the 3448 is just smart. This reference is Patek’s first self-winding perpetual calendar, which is the only real complicated watch he’s. There’s something very casual concerning the 3448, and pair having a natural Hermes strap, it truly will go from t-shirt in Manhattan Beach to energy suit in Midtown Manhattan.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 3700

Cartier Crash

The recognition and cost from the original Nautilus (reference 3700) appears to adapt a lot. This can be a watch that enthusiasts love – Jean-Claude Biver has one, and Alfredo Paramico did too (until he banished it towards the #patek175 purchase also it introduced lower crazy money), though for that longest time, prices were hanging below individuals from the early Royal Trees. Which has transformed, and today they’re again commanding prices above what we should see using the AP 5402, and i believe lots of which has related to the truth that people like Matt Jacobson put on them.

Patek Philippe Reference 3587 Beta 21

Both of these watches are special. They are two Beta 21-powered Pateks – or quite simply, they’re quarta movement. However these aren’t your average quarta movement watches. The Beta 21 that was utilized by the kind of Piaget, IWC, and Rolex watch too, is really a higher energy movement the seconds hands don’t tick as if you see on the normal quarta movement watch. In addition, they are Pateks, and they’re absolutely superbly created using integrated gold bracelets. Jacobson were built with a custom strap suited to the yellow-gold piece plus they both look great within their over-sized, TV-formed cases.

As you have seen, Matt’s tastes are suitable for the classics with a little of funk tossed in every so often. So, it should not be a surprise that whenever he was searching to purchase a wrist watch for his wife, he chosen the Cartier Crash.