The best dive watches for deep sea adventures and stylish desk diving review

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  • June 1, 2020
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Even if you only see the ocean beds out of the TV display, a dip watch is probably high in your horological wish list nonetheless. Following is a look at a small number of timepieces that could swim with dolphins but are equally well suited to stylish desk-diving.
You understand Cartier. Very well, I’m sure. You probably purchased a Love Bracelet to your special one and lost the key moons ago (maybe not because you don’t think this love will last forever but merely since…well, you lost it).
Because of the cuffed evidence of love, you might believe Cartier a somewhat feminine brand. But stop this. At the moment! Instead look at this very trendy Calibre De Cartier Diver, which is certainly a dive watch that deserves to sit in your own hairy wrist. It could state Cartier on the dialup, but this watch will still make you feel as manly as you do when downing a plethora of pints at The Lions Head and arm wrestling with your mates while honouring the community football team in a distinct loud method.


Patek Philippe Aquanaut watch
Okay, nobody has probably been analyzing the Patek Philippe Aquanaut as a hardcore dive watch, and I doubt Jacques Cousteau would wear it, even though he had been still alive and exploring The Silent Earth, one of his best underwater documentaries.
Cousteau aside, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut is among the most lavish sports watches in the marketplace. And, in addition to that, it’s water resistant to 120m, which means that it can do its fair share of scuba dive watch if the owner wants to find out what life looks like beneath the gleaming hull of his mega-yacht.
When the steel version is not lavish enough for you, go to the magnificent rose gold version, using its mouth-watering embossed chocolate-brown dial with gold indices and fitting composite strap.
IWC Aquatimer 2000 dive watch
IWC has a long tradition of supplying dive watches which work nicely on the deepest of submersions. Among the coolest ever made by the Swiss watchmaker was that the titanium Ocean 2000, which was really made by Ferdinand Porsche in 1982 and made by IWC. A match made in heaven – or rather on the base of the ocean.
Now, IWC nevertheless generates a watch that may be used 2,000m beneath the ocean, the Aquatimer 2000 – a watch which appeals to not only professional divers but also ambitious amateur ocean explorers.
The new 46mm Aquatimer 2000 is made from titanium like its predecessor and ticks with an automatic in-house movement, calibre 80110. It also offers not just a new and advanced internal rotating bezel with SafeDive system but a fairly brilliant quick-change strap system, which makes it possible to change the appearance of your watch. That way you are able to in a matter of seconds, switch from a rugged rubber strap to an elegant leather strap when the mermaids invite you over for dinner.
The last is important to Tudor, the sister brand to Rolex. As Tudor includes a history of army issue dip watches, it only seems fair that background is replicated in the shape of the recently launched Heritage Black Bay Marine Nationale watch.


Named after the French military divers who utilized Tudor’s dive watch in the 1970s, this rather handsome watch provides an attractive blue bezel and none but three strap options: steel bracelet, leather strap along with a black/blue textile strap.
Another fantastic reason to purchase this relaunched dive watch is because of the high costs that the Tudor diver’s watches from the 70s are offered for now. These original, military-issue Tudor watches are thin on the ground and raising value by every tick of the moments’ hand. If you happen across a real Tudor MN (short for Marina Nationale), together with impeccable provenance, then you are looking at paying at least #6,000, whereas the contemporary Black Bay will only set you back #2,200.
Vintage Rolex Submariner dive watch
Anybody can walk into a retailer and get a new watch. You see it on the wrist of a Hollywood actor-slash model-slash sports character on your favorite magazine, then walk right into one of numerous watch retailers on New Bond Street, stage in the advert and return home with a brand-new watch on your wrist a couple of minutes later. However about spending a little time on the internet, browsing for that perfect classic Rolex Submariner out of your birth , instead? Or the year that your first child was born or you have married – or divorced for this matter?
Admittedly it’ll take you a lot more than flipping through a magazine on your dentist’s waiting area. But as soon as you find that perfect watch, your heart will beat and your hands will tremble. And that’s what purchasing a vintage watch should feel like.
But is also quite a struggle to purchase a classic watch. It is of excellent significance that you make sure to”purchase the vendor rather than the watch” (as collectors like to place it). There are lots of fake watches and faked-up aka Franken-watches available on the marketplace. But if you stop by a respectable dealer, as an instance that the Watch Club in The Royal Arcade on Bond Street, then you’ll be sure that your Red Submariner, Double Red Sea-Dweller or Paul Newman Daytona you’re looking at is 100 percent kosher.