The classic watches you should have in your collection guide

Time waits for no man. An iconic timepiece, though, can prevent a gentleman right in his paths. Whether it’s the workmanship on show, the tradition it represents or the tech behind it, a classic watch tells more than time — it tells the world who you are.
Whether you’re about to invest in your first serious timepiece or trying to add to an already impressive collection, the right luxury timepiece functions as a milestone in life: a marker of time well spent. If you are fighting to select the ideal timepiece then let Watchfinder & Co to help. Launched in 2002, the renowned pre-owned watch pro offers over 5,500 watches from 60 premium brands, including Rolex, Omega and Patek Philippe, and watchmakers and business experts with more than a hundred decades of combined experience that will help you find your ideal timepiece. Here are the classics we suggest investing in now…
Rolex Submariner

diving watches

Arguably the most famous of all diving watches, the Rolex Submariner is a genuine icon of watch design and, as a result of its exceptional aesthetic and construct quality, among the most recognisable luxury watches ever created. Famous wearers include Robert Redford, Steve McQueen, Ralph Lauren and Sir Roger Moore.
Why should you get it?
Every severe watch collection requires at least Rolex. You can’t fail using a Submariner, one of its most legendary versions, featuring materials you will generally only discover in aeronautics and also the highest of high-end engineering.
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms
Born in 1953 the Fifty Fathoms was made to withstand depths few individuals, let alone watches, had been to in the time. These features helped this Swiss timepiece to rapidly become a favourite of the diving community. Its design has barely changed in the last 65 decades, proof of its quality and ageless appeal.
Why should you buy it?
Having a solid military history there’s very little that would phase it. If you’re heading for rough terrain then you’ll want this timepiece on your wrist.
When Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon’s surface back in 1969, it was a variation of this stainless steel chronograph that has been strapped to the exterior of their space suits. However, it is true legacy lies on the race track where it made its debut on the wrists of racing drivers in the 1950s. Robust enough to endure the test of space travel or the tarmac, it’s a design that’s still regarded as a classic to this day.
Why should you buy it?

classic watch

There are few examples of watch designs which have remained so true to their initial form for over 50 decades. Despite having the ability to make it to the moon and back this watch is still an extremely reasonably priced model for this incredible example of watchmaking — and this magnificent 1967 example should be snapped up without hesitation.
breitling premier
A contemporary classic, the Premier B01 has been reissued in 2018 as an update to the kind of classic Breitling dress watch that had fallen out of production as the brand moved towards sportier fashions in the end of the last century. Sporting a’contemporary retro’ design, it is probable this will serve as the foundation for future formal timepieces from Breitling so snap up one of the originals while possible.
Why should you buy it?
Any collector worth their salt is going to have a Breitling within their winder however, you can not just have any Breitling. If you have only got room for one, be sure to include the Premier B01 on your rotation, it is among the most flexible watches you’ll ever own.