Your Ultimate Guide To Hublot Classic Fusion Watches

In 2010, Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Hublot introduced its elegant and sophisticated collection up to now, the Hublot Classic Fusion. Inspired by the original Hublot timepieces in the’80s, the Hublot Classic Fusion collection resonates with the components that are Hublot that are classic. These include the iconic’H’ moulded screws on the metallic links on the straps as well as the bezel.

Unlike many watches that are lavish, the Hublot Classic Fusion doesn’t shout its source. However, the watches definitely offer you a striking look, enough to inspire you to inquire:”Is that a Hublot?”


Sophisticated with a border, the Hublot Classic Fusion enjoys a multiple series of innovations.

The Age of Titanium
Its initial versions witnessed the Timeless Fusion Ceramic, Titanium and King Gold variations. Every one of the watches was accessible either in leather strap or gilded bracelet choices. And each variant evokes nothing but elegance .

The Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium, Ceramic and King Gold watches are made in 45mm, 42mm, 38mm and 33mm cases with a fashionable finish. The Classic Fusion Titanium, made in colours, was an instant favourite by Hublot lovers. Its dials highlighted with markers and a ceramic bezel became a signature of this Hublot classic.

The flaunts the HUB 1143 self-winding chronograph movement, offering 42 hours of power reserve. The Titanium watches, particularly, feature vibrant rubber or alligator straps which match the color of the dial.

In Keeping with the response from the Classic Fusion Titanium, Hublot introduced the chronograph in Titanium, Ceramic and Gold body. The stopwatch mechanism is celebrated by each.


Then comes the Hublot Chronograph proprietary called Unico. The Classic Fusion Unico Chronograph does not time the equations of a lap in moments, but measures multiple uninterrupted laps, calling this chronograph work a flyback. Should you want to manifest into measuring the period of two events that are separate, the Hublot Unico Chronograph mechanism helps one with this , too. Isn’t it just utter perfection?

What is better would be, with nearly 290 complications under its satin-finished colourful dials, the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph does not lose an inch of its own style quotient. In fact, it gets amplified farther into rubber straps, alligator straps, metallic (gold) straps and diamond-studded dials. The Pave assortment comes with a diamond-studded situation with 370 hand-cut diamonds, while the Titanium Diamond boasts 129 stones each to perfection.