January 22, 2019

The Cartier Santos received any significant upgrades during this past year’s SIHH occasion . For SIHH 2019 the newest is continuing its attention on the Santos and has made a ton of intriguing releases that comprises the newest Cartier Santos chronograph. Last year’s refresh watched that the Santos getting a bulge in the event sizes […]

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Some knowledge and understanding about the Rolex brand

May 27, 2020

Rolex watches are a symbol of success for a long time and will stay one for many more. They give high-performance and quality capabilities with innovative mechanisms and unique designs. There are many more versions that could have landed on this list of the Rolex watches. In our view, these are just the cream of […]

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In recent years, Breitling has redesigned its old series of diving watches

May 26, 2020

Since the 1950s, the brand was developing a wide array of dive watches under the name”Superocean”. Lately, Breilting has launched a revised version of its Superocean watch for buyers. The 2019 Superocean Automatic collection comprises five models such as a 46mm variant in black and also a hefty 48mm watch. It contains three dive watches […]

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See which watches have stood the test of time and are worth permanently adding to the collection

May 25, 2020

Why bother seeking out timeless designs when there are several great watches? When if we return on some of honored the most collectable, and timepieces that are drool-worthy, a number of them are unique and beautiful iterations of classics that are institutional. So, here is my list of the best luxury watches with timeless designs […]

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Girard-Perregaux Reinvents The Legendary TC Model Within The 1966 Collection

May 21, 2020

More important than ever in a globalised world, the entire world time complication now enriches the most trendy assortment of urban watches from Girard-Perregaux. Certain horological complications have emerged from grand human adventures. This is certainly true of world time, whose invention accompanied the leaders of railways and later of aviation. Playing an integral part […]

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Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P watch and technical details

May 21, 2020

Piaget is back with all the Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P after losing the title of Thinnest Automatic. Piaget employs a design incorporating the. The opinion is merely 4.30mm thick and the motion features extremely thin components (some scarcely thicker than a piece of hair) . The motion is outfitted with a rotor, allowing the skeleton […]

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Men’s watch recommendation: Omega De Ville series mechanical men’s watch

May 14, 2020

Omega and Rolex have always been compared to watch brands, but in the final analysis, in some respects, Omega is indeed not as good as Rolex, but Omega is also amazing, for the editor, the two watch brands have their own spring and autumn. The recommended large three-hand dial for this men’s watch, with elegant […]

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A man should have a decent watch, what makes it decent?

May 12, 2020

A man should have a decent watch, what makes it decent? Should a man wear a mens watch? I believe this is a question often asked by many people. If it is you, how would you answer it? If it is me, I will not hesitate to say yes! In addition to watching time, watches […]

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How long can an automatic watch be used?

May 11, 2020

How many years can an automatic mechanical men watch be worn? In fact, it has a lot to do with the quality of the mechanical watch itself. You can’t expect a class of mechanical watch to be with you for life. If you pay attention to maintaining the mechanical watch, there should be no problem […]

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How is the watch antimagnetic in life?

May 5, 2020

What are the magnetic fields in life? So where is the magnetic field risk in our daily life? There are loudspeakers, sound systems, televisions and radios in the house, and you can find non-circulating magnetic fields. Therefore, we should avoid placing watches on these things. But for those men’s mechanical watches, the greater threat that […]

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How to choose a good quality mechanical watch?

May 4, 2020

How to choose an excellent mechanical Sports Watches? Winding, good quality mechanical watches should be easy to handle when winding, without noise and slipping. When setting the needle, it should also feel comfortable when setting the mechanical watch, too loose and too tight. The hour hand, minute hand, and second hand should coordinate with each […]

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